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Frozen Blueberry 5k Returns in 2024

Our Frozen Blueberry 5k is back and promises to be better than ever. You can sign up online at:

A fun addition to our summer races, the winter race debuted in January 2007 and continued each year until 2015. It then went into a 3-year hiatus, came back for three more years. Due to scheduling difficulties, 2023 was a no-go, but here we are, coming back in 2024! We can't wait for you to experience the thrill of racing the Montrose streets during the early morning hours after a nice, crisp overnight snowfall. Then enjoy the post-race goodies, drawings, and winner ceremony at our new Festival office at 141 Parkway Drive. More details coming soon!

. You'll be glad you joined us. See you at the races!

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